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During your stay in Saint-Malo, let yourself be seduced by the Cité Corsaire, with its picturesque streets and traditional restaurants. Stroll between the beaches and ramparts and discover the city's many historic monuments.

Discover Saint-Malo's different neighborhoods, such as Intra-Muros, Saint-Servan, Paramé, Rothéneuf, Quelmer, ...

Embark on nautical adventures such as diving and sailing, or explore the coastal wonders on horseback or on foot. And why not go surfing? Immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling regional dishes in markets and restaurants, and attending events and festivals celebrating Breton heritage. A holiday rich in emotions and discoveries awaits you in Saint-Malo.

Les Remparts d'Intra-Muros Hôtel Oré

The ramparts of Intra-Muros

The ramparts have existed since the 12th century. After a fire in 1661, the walls were completely rebuilt. The ramparts surrounding the city of Saint-Malo form a two-kilometer loop. Enjoy panoramic views of the sea, Fort National and Grand-Bé.

La Cité d'Aleth Hotel Oré

The City of Aleth

Perched on the cliffs, the Cité d'Aleth is the ideal place for a stroll, offering a unique panorama of the coast, the Tour Solidor and Intra-Muros. The peninsula is also home to the 39/45 memorial, located in the city's fort and paying tribute to the heroes of the Second World War.

La Tour Solidor Hôtel Oré

Solidor Tower

The Tour Solidor embodies centuries of maritime history. Built in the 14th century to control the city of Saint-Malo, it later became a prison.

Today, the Tour Solidorabrite the Musée International du Long Cours Cap-Hornier in honor of navigators and explorers.

Le Fort National Hôtel Oré

Fort National

Fort National, located on an island in Saint-Malo, was built in 1689 by the great military architect Vauban. Its purpose was to protect the port of Saint-Malo. Accessible on foot at low tide, Fort National has been listed as a historic monument since May 1906.

Le Grand Bé Hôtel Oré

Le Grand Bé

The historic Grand Bé is located at the foot of Saint-Malo's ramparts. At low tide, you can get there on foot, taking into account the tide times. On this uninhabited island, you can discover the tomb of Châteaubriand, a famous writer and native of Saint-Malo.

Carved rocks Hôtel Oré

Sculpted rocks

The Rochers Sculptés de Rothéneuf are located 5km from Saint-Malo. These monumental sculptures were created between late 1894 and 1907 by Abbé Adolphe Julien Fouéré,

Boat cemetery

The boat cemetery

On the banks of the River Rance, in Saint-Malo, you'll come across the Quelmer ship cemetery. Here you'll find some 15 shipwrecks, silent witnesses to local maritime history. A few years ago, local painters were invited to exercise their talent on the hulls of these boats.

Sailing boat on the water Hôtel Oré

Coastal discovery

Exploring the coastline is a must when visiting Saint-Malo. This activity offers visitors the chance to stroll along the coast and admire the region's natural landscapes.

Visitors can explore the sandy beaches, cliffs,... while discovering the flora and fauna.

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